Wednesday, 5 January 2011

thank you

Thank you for some of the lovely comments I have been reading this morning, its so nice to know that you like my work, it gives me great pleasure when i read the nice things that are said,
anyway bit of a set back, there was me all set to get creating and wham i get a cold, fine i say just carry on as we woman do, but my body had other ideas, lets go a bit further with this it said, so it changes to flu!! well thank you very much, but not content with that my body decides to start on my breathing the upshot was urgent trip to Doctors where it turns out I have strained my rib gage by all the coughing, now you would think with the medication I take, ( I take a lot for my arthritic condition) i would not need any more but good old faithful paracetamol, helped and now getting better, still weak and not up to much but will today hopefully start again to create,
sometime i feel life is out to conspire against me, it will never win, so we keep having these little battles, makes life so interesting.
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