Tuesday, 11 January 2011

afternoon every one

Hi everyone, well I have been busy, made some curtains, these are going to my friends shop and I hope i will get some orders from them, I also started on 4 chairs that i had lying around, found some great material and decided to recover them and repaint, then i thought 4 chairs will look odd so found a table that i will start on tomorrow, how is it that you start on one thing and this leads to another, my little dog had fun she found my box of lace that i had left on the floor and must of thought that would be a good game lets take them all out, so that took me a while to sort it all out, finally decided what my next project will be, I am going to do a baby shop, i love making the prams and i seem to of amassed a lot of bit so i thought why not, see mojo well and truly back,

the chairs and material that i will use before work begins
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