Friday, 14 January 2011

hi all

The day started out well, got the furniture ready to spray, had spent ages rubbing down, looked in my cupboard, no spray, and I was not up to walking much today, so had to put them to one side and sat there looking at my work table, lost in thought, what can i do, cannot start the nursery, need some wallpaper and flooring, glanced up and what did I notice, my haberdashery shop, it was now in pieces, when i moved here i just packed it up and left it in a box, so decided to put everything in its place, but as i was getting the furniture out i thought how shabby it was looking so i have decided to do it all over again, why is it that as  miniaturists we can do a number of projects at any one time, it must be because we are women and can multitask,  anyway i started , i have taken everything out, removed all the shelves and bits, now left with a empty shop, so i began by removing the coving and skirting boards, rubbed it down and started to paint it, i will be making some more bits and will put them on the blog, also there are some pictures of before i ransacked it.#
I took my curtain samples to my friends shop she was impressed and has displayed them so i hope i can get some orders, i sell my bits as it enables me to continue with my hobby, i will never be rich but i get so much pleasure from doing this, my friend asked me the other day if i missed my job, and when i thought about it, no i did not, i get so much pleasure from what i make and achieve, as they say when one door shuts another opens, there i go again rambling on, anyway take a look at the photos of my haberdashery shop and then look forward to the new one when its finished
i have also added a link for you, this is my friend Brenda she makes fantastic ceramics, tiles, lamps, beach huts, she is well worth a visit.

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