Monday, 10 January 2011

Got my mojo back

really pleased today, got work done and then started on my work room, and guess what my mojo came back, tidied and sorted work room, decided to start work on the curtains, nothing to show you yet as I am cutting out patterns and sorting out the material and trims that I want to use, have put some pictures on for you to see,

this is the sleigh I made at Xmas sold.

untidy work place

see how organised I am

now I have space to work

my dolls house uncompleted

bedding made by me, I hand stitch all my work

the little house that needs renovation some day

there hope you have some idea of my little work place, this year it will be fitted out, the walls will be lined and shelving added, hopefully I can get started on it soon, waiting for my friend, he is going to do it for me but he is busy, looking forward to that but not to the clearing out as I have so much stuff.
see you tomorrow
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