Sunday, 26 January 2014

I continue

Hi All

I have been busy today, I decided on the paint for the inside of my beach shop, its called storm white, I was going to do it all in the same colour  but did not really like it, so I checked out my stash of papers and found a pattern I liked so I am going to put that on the wall with the colour at the top, have a look

painted walls 

the paper I will be using
I think this really says seaside, it reminds me of sticks of rock.

I then printed out some pictures onto photo paper, not sure yet if they should be framed or not.

I also painted gold some of my little minis, some are plastic but they took the paint well and looked good. The mermaids and dolphins I put onto wooden plagues to hang on the wall.

The rest will go onto shelves around the shop.

I made 2 mobiles, but I will have to tell you my first attempt was a failure, I thought of using some of my liquid plastic putty, well I threaded thin gold wire through the holes and then used the putty to hopefully fill the holes and hold the wire in place. This seemed to work well so I left it to dry, when I checked later it had melted the plastic, so that failed, so I used very fine thread instead. 

anyway check out my photos and see what you think


Fabiola said...

The new minis for the beach shop are beautiful.
Bye, Faby

Steinworks said...

I think they're really good :)