Wednesday, 29 January 2014

more done

Hi All

Nearly ready to put the shop together, I did a dry fit yesterday, all seems well. Today I hope to put the shop together, then I can start to work on the outside, exciting.

I continued to make minis for the shop. I finished a mirror, I repainted the mirror with off white paint and then stuck shells around it, it came out well, and so easy to do.

As I said yesterday I have a surprise, today I can show you it. I am really pleased with it. I copied a real life chest of drawers, it had a seaside theme, it is now done in miniature, I only need to paint the sides and add the handles, 
Have a look and see what you think.

base colour for the surf boards

my take on the real life chest of drawers

the shell mirror

1 comment:

elbey said...

I love that chest, Debbie. Pleased to see you back doing what you do best, after all your recent probs xx