Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Painting continues

Hi All

Yes I continue to paint, I hate this bit, cannot wait to start to put it together.

I finished painting the walls and added the striped paper, I now want to add wood to the top of the wood and skirting board to the base, hopefully doing that today.

I have found the window and door frame very flimsy and some have come apart, nothing tat a bit of glue will not cure, but I did expect it to be a bit sturdier, having looked at the plans, it seems very easy to put together, it comes with brackets so you can put it on the the wall, not sure yet if I will be using them.

I am now making some surf boards, these are so easy to make, I drew the shape of the board and then transferred this to thin balsa wood, (don't you just love balsa wood) I then sanded them into shape. I made some little thing's (not sure what they are called) they go on the bottom of the board, I assume to help keep it stable?

I then painted them in bright paint and will decorate them today, so watch this space, 

Well that's all for today, now I have written it down it does not seem like I have done a lot, but I have honest 

shape of surf board, then transferred to balsa wood

the surf boards painted and some other bits

got an idea for this, but keeping it quiet for now

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Wyrna Christensen said...

There are lots of progress in your pictures, it's so exciting. Enjoy.