Friday, 31 January 2014

Its Happening

Hi All

First I must thank you all who have left a comment, its lovely to read your comments and to know you are enjoying what I say and do. XX

Yes its happening, I have started to put the shop together, this looks easy I said, forget that, I discovered I needed to have 4 hands, screws and lots of patience.

I took the first bit, this was the smaller side, glued where it said to glue, ( I used grab it glue) attached it to the floor, I did have the sense to put some masking tape to help hold it in place, went away and had  cup of coffee, when I came back, I took the larger side and did the same, but as I moved it they all fell off, so I thought " why not use tiny screws to help hold it together, this is where you need extra hands, the air got very blue as I tried to hold, glue, and screw!!! in the end I yelled for my son, he came running thinking something bad had happened, he fell about laughing when he saw me trying to hold and screw ( that looks bad) but you know what I mean, so I held while he screwed, ( that looks even worse) . I am happy to say finally we got it to hold. 

I attached masking tape to give it that extra hold and have left it over night.

Having nightmares now, if this was difficult to do on my own, how the hell am I going to do my big house?

Apart from the fight with the shop, I did not do much, I started to make the soft furnishing that the shop will sell, I have printed my own fabric,  so I could keep up with the beach design.

I had an old settee, so I painted and distressed this, covered it with fabric that I had printed a map on, and then made 2 cushions and a bag, I want to make a few of these. I am also going to make aprons, oven gloves and tea towels.

My idea for this beach shop, is that it is a shop that sells accessories for your home decor.

Now I need to find a name for the shop that reflects this.

anyway enough chat, here are the photos  

have not yet removed the tape, if you hear loud screams you will know it did not stick !!!


Steinworks said...

it's so cute :) I can't wait to see it finished


Isabelle said...

Shops are so much fun to decorate. Looking good so far!

dallydominis said...

Its looking good and I love the bag. Looking forward to seeing your progress :)