Monday, 14 January 2013

Morning all

Morning All
We have snow, yes snow, for once the forecaster's have got it right, so that means staying in today.
I am back to doing minis for a couple of days now, it seems to be working, splitting my week in half, so that I can do my other crafts as well.

I hope today to get a bit more done on the gypsy caravan, there is so much preparation to do before I can even think of putting it back together, but being a perfectionist its got to be done right. I am excited about decorating it.

I also need to make another Victorian writing slope, one of the girls from Face book saw it and has asked for one.

anyway its Monday, and you know what that means , I am going to fly around the Internet and fins you Give a ways to enter, hope you do enter and let me know if you win,
so off I go
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