Saturday, 12 January 2013

more crafts, help needed

Hi All

I need your opinions, I know this is not mini related, but read on 

 I am looking at different ways to earn a bit of money, living on benefits does not allow me the luxury of extra cash for my hobbies, I still sell my minis, but it is slow, i think people do not have the money now and when things are difficult one of the first things to go is your hobby,  

So here come my idea, and this is where I would love your input, I came up with the idea of a travel set, it will comprise of, bag, luggage tags, passport holder, ticket wallet and a book for a travel log, they will all be in the same fabric, I thought I could also do the same for adults and children.
I thought I could do these as orders only to begin with and cost them at £20.00 the set, this is the first time I have tried with my craft work to sell, usually I just make presents and stuff for the home. So this is where you come in

1. what do you think of the idea?
2. have I priced them right?
3. do you think they would sell?

well I will leave you with photos of the set and await your help. Thank you

The bag

the set

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