Saturday, 19 January 2013

the bad weather continues

Hi All

the bad weather continues, we have had warnings all over the UK, we have come to a stand still!!
 I can remember as  a child, really bad winters, we did not have central heating, just the coal fire down stairs, our schools did not shut, people still went to work, and life carried on, it makes me laugh, when we have a bit of snow, schools shut, airports cancel flights, driving becomes in places impossible. I admit it is difficult for me to get out when it snows, the beast ( my mobility scooter) is not suitable for snow and has my mobility is poor I cannot walk in it in case I fall, so i have to depend on others to help me.

We should take note of other countries who have snow every year, their planes still fly, schools stay open and roads are clear, so why when we have snow, we come to a halt, and all the news is about the snow, my mind boggles, sorry just had to get that off my chest.

I am still unable to go into my work room, to cold, I'm  thinking this year I may have  radiator fitted, so it will be warm enough to work in, or buy myself a better heater.
So I am continuing with my crafts, yesterday I made a little store card holder that you can attach to your key ring or handbag, this way you will always have your store cards to hand, or it could be used for shop coupons, have got a picture for you to see.

I have also included some photos of the snow in my part of the world.
my road last night
birds feeding this morning

My patio area

The card holder, let me know what you think

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