Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Its so cold

Hi All
hello and welcome to my new followers, I hope you enjoy my blog, feel free to leave any comments, I love comments.

Sorry I could not find any give a ways for you on Monday, will look again next week.

Well its so cold here, yes winter as arrived, we have had snow and there is more to follow, I feel so lucky that I do not have to go out.

I have been working on Victorian accessories, a bit different from my usual shabby chic look, my friend Jan who very kindly displays my minis in her shop, asked for me to make these, I made another writing slope, a ladies chatelaine, letter rack and a Victorian mourning necklace, earrings in a box, although these are small minis they take a lot of time to make.

I am not able to get on with my caravan, it needs a lot of sanding down and I need to have the window and door open so that the area is well ventilated, if not it will cause me breathing problems, I may have to put it away for a while and wait for warmer weather.

have a look at what I made

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