Sunday, 6 January 2013

Getting nothing done

Hi All

Yes that's right, I am getting nothing done, I am playing with my dogs, they make me laugh at their antics, we have renamed Tilly, she has now become Molly, I like that name more, plus she seems more like mine by me giving her a name, she has already become one of the family and now that she has been pampered and tidied up, it is like we are now seeing the real Mollie. My dogs love playing with her, especially Muppet, she is trying to assert herself, Muppet will become the boss, she already bosses Freebie so it will not be long before she bosses Mollie.

Today I really must get on with my mini making, I am making Valentine bits for the shop, Jan wants to do a display ( she also sells greeting cards) for valentines day, and wants to incorporate my minis, she has left it up to me what I do, so I have been looking through my books, looking on the web and have got my inspiration, so will be putting it together today.

Got some more photos for you to see, this is Muppet asserting herself on Mollie. you will also get an idea of the size of  my mini dog, Muppet.

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