Wednesday, 9 January 2013

new work

Hi All

I finally got off my backside and done some work on my minis,
Jan wanted some minis to go on her display for Valentine cards, she also sells cards in her shop, so I made some gifts for her.

I have also made a cute little Victorian writing box, it has letters and bills inside, I think it came out well,

I do not know if you remember I brought a old gypsy caravan from ebay last year, I am going to hopefully turn it into a 1/12th caravan, well I had a look at it yesterday and decided I needed to take it to bits, I did take photos of every bit I took off so I knew how to put it back together, it had been very crudely made, there are some pieces that I will have to replace, I need to make the windows bigger and the doorway, so after taking it to bits I am now removing the paint, it chips off, there is a lot of work to be done before I even think about furnishing it, I will keep you informed of my progress,

Today I am going to work on some craft projects, I am hoping, if my body allows it, to do 2 days a week on crafts, I may have another blog for crafts, thinking about it.

Anyway enough rambling, have a look at the photos

this is before


starting to get the paint off

the valentine gifts

writing desl and letter rack

I put letter ect inside

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