Monday, 9 July 2012

having fun

Hi All
yes I have been having fun, I took my scooter into Town, it was very easy to use, I enjoyed the fact that I could look round town without my legs hurting, and went I came home I felt great, since then it has rained, so will have to wait for another sunny day.

I did a dirty thing today-------------------- House work, felt I had better do some before it got to much, house does look better,

Managed to get a few miniatures done, I have been messing about making some accessories to put in my Esty shop, so I have made some handbags and started to make some hats, got a couple done, have made my self a list of items to make, I have got an idea for my next project, it may be a bit gruesome, you will have to wait and see, got some bits I need to make before I can start.

So for now I have got the photos of handbags and hats for you to see.

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