Monday, 16 April 2012

some news

Hi All
well things did not go quite as planned today, I presented myself to the factory, oops I mean hospital, where a machine gave me 2 bracelets to wear, I then was directed to a unit, where I was signed in, more bloods taken and placed in a cabin, to await my op, then along come the anaesthetist, who listens to my heart and lungs, he kept tutting, listening and tutting, I was slightly put off to see on the front of my notes in red. High Risk, this lady came in and said I would be in the main theatre due to my high risk, as they did not have the facilities to cope in this day unit if anything went wrong, by now my confidence was sinking fast, I then got the news, the anaesthetist was cancelling my operation, he was not happy with what he was hearing and he wants me to be referred to the chest clinic, as one of my lungs was in a spasm and apparently my lungs was laboured and he felt if he went ahead and put me to sleep, I would end up in ITU and very ill, I was dressed in a flash and nearly out of the door, on top of all that my blood is now at the wrong levels and I have to continue to have the injections for another week plus tablets.
So tomorrow morning I will be contacting my GP and starting another round of investigations. I will still be having the operation but at a later date.

The good thing is I can now get on with my shabby chic shop.

see ya
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