Friday, 20 April 2012

Mojo well and trully back

Hi All

My mojo is back, hurrah, finally I am again enjoying my miniatures. I am feeling quite well, aches and pains not so bad. Waiting for an appointment to see the chest specialist.

Anyway, enough of me, lets get on to the hopefully interesting bits.

I am getting there with the painting of the shop, why does it take so long for paint to dry.
I had a bit of a disaster with my ceiling papers, after I painted them, they started to come away from the ceiling, I tried to use a glue stick to attach the paper, ( I heard this was good to use) and yes it was fine till I painted it, then it just started to sag in places, I waited to see if it looked any different when the paint was dry, but no, it looked horrible, so I removed them, I then had to clean off the glue!!! finally I just painted both ceilings white, still looks ok.

I also put in the coving and reattached the base, this is now ready for me to put in the floor, job for today.

I started making furniture and bits for the living space, this will have a small kitchen area and living area and will be open plan, so after deciding where I wanted to place things, I started to make my bits. I also made the stairs steeper by cutting off a couple of the steps, I did this as the stairs took up too much room, and I thought it does not matter in the dolls house world if the stairs are steep. Well that's what I am telling myself.

I have made a kitchen sink and cabinet, I used cardboard and paper, still need to add doors, but nearly done, the tiles came from some paper I had for card making, I thought they looked good as tiles, I also paper to represent the Formica on the top, I varnished this, so far looking good. The sink is just cardboard, shaped and painted silver, I used a small finding for the plug hole, will be adding taps and plug later today.

I wanted a plate rack, for this I used large lolly sticks, cut to size, balsa wood, and cocktail sticks to make the rack, I painted it dark green and distressed it, in the picture it looks quite dark.

I also made a small shelf and painted it the same green.

I had 2 lovely shapes of wood in my stash, so I made these into notice boards for the shop, I painted them pink and blue, used black to represent the board, added a clock, this is just a cut out attached to a button, ( one of my friends on face book showed us the clocks) added shelves, just want to add some writing and they will be finished.

I also made some signs, using scraps of wood and printies, some will be in the shop and I may have some in the flat above, still need to add chains.

So you can see I have been busy. Anyway enough chat, here are the photos.

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