Monday, 13 August 2012

starting to put it together

Hi All
 I am not usually a sports fan, but I did find myself getting involved in the Olympics, so I must say WELL DONE GREAT BRITAIN,

Back to minis, I have stated to put Franks Place together. still got more to do, It took me ages to work out how I wanted it to look, but I finally got there, the area which currently has the sink and the shelving unit, I am not altogether happy with that, so it may change. I have cut a large board for it to sit on, as I am extending this project to include an outside area, not saying what it will be, but I felt I needed it to go with Franks Place.

What did you think as the body parts? have not put them in yet, need to do more to this bit, Have you noticed i am being a bit evasive with this project, I keep giving you little titbit's just to keep you guessing.
I must admit this project is great fun, especially as I am using trash!!!

Got my regular blood tests this morning, few jobs to do then back to minis.

I have given in and have got the 3 books, Fifty Shades of Grey, have read book one and now on book two, not sure what I think yet, the story line seems a bit lame and most of it is about S**, will read all three then make up my mine, My mum now wants to read them!!!

lets see some photos

all the wires are conected, I need to work out how to light this all up,

notice I have used some body parts, internal organs in the sink

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