Saturday, 11 August 2012

This is a bit grusome

Hi All
 First I must say hello and welcome to my new followers, you are very welcome her and I hope you enjoy my blog, so grab a coffee and have a look.

Yesterday after my I painted the room box and the base it will be going on to, so will not bother you with the photos, it was bad enough me waiting for paint to dry without subjecting it to you to. So what to do, I have this idea that I want body parts, yes I did say body parts, some time I wonder where my mind goes to, anyway, I had been given a little plastic doll to cut up, so after explaining to the doll it was nothing personal and yes you are pretty but you will be playing a vital part in the construction of my project, she agreed, no numbing her with a drop of brandy, I began to take her apart and she did not complain once, what a trouper.

I took apart the bone necklace i got yesterday, trimmed the end of the bones so I could put them inside the legs and arms, I then used filmo to pad out the limbs, I then added paint to give the effect of blood, let me know if they look ok, I did not want to make them to life like, as this is make believe, and was not sure what people may think, I must admit my years in nursing helped in the making these.
better let you see the photos,



made some bottles to
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