Saturday, 18 August 2012

should not of read the book

Hi All.

I blame Fifty shades of Grey, I was working on Franks Place, and I spotted a chair, I then got an idea, I think it works, see what you think.

I have now read all 3 books, (Fifty Shades of Grey) I did not really like it, although I did read all 3, well I had paid for them!! I felt there was a very poor story line and most of the book was about s**, either she had a vivid imagination or was very active in her personal life, I suppose you could call lady porn, anyway it will be going on to eBay for someone else to read, this is my own personal opinion,

Back to my minis, my brother came over yesterday and he is an electrician, so I asked him about flashing lights, he has suggested I get a cheap fire alarm, take it to bits and inside I will find a light which flashes and I should be able to adapt that for Franks Place, Will let you know how I get on.

Its very very hot here this weekend, temp about 30's unable to stay in my workroom, to hot, so going to have a day of doing nothing, sitting here, reading, playing on the computer, generally being lazy,
here is the photos, those who have read the book, will see where I got the idea from

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