Wednesday, 15 August 2012

a Question and some printies

Hi All
wow my followers are creeping up, now at 169, thank you to those you have just started following me, I hope you enjoy my projects and ramblings, you will properly see that I love shabby chic and making items from trash. When I reach 200 I will do a give a way,
anyway now to the question.

As you know I am working on Franks Place, I am trying to work out the best way to light this, I have got  a couple of ideas, which I will work on this morning, but I have been thinking about Glow sticks, has anyone ever taken one of these to bits? do you think they would work in a mini scene? I was thinking of having them around the base of the room box, around the sides, but not sure how I can achieve this, I think a ghostly glow of green would look good. Also does anyone know where I could get flashing lights for dolls houses or a way of making them? its so frustrating when I have these ideas in my head and not sure how to do it, so any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Yesterday I started work on some trees and a small shed, they are still in the painting stage, so no photos yet, it bores me waiting for paint to dry, I have said this before i know, anyway no need to bore you as well,

I have now put franks Place on a large board, another part of this project, need to make graves and head stones, and landscape it, curious yet? this project keeps expanding, as I do a bit, I think of something else, where will it stop.

As a treat here are some printies to keep you going until the next update.

Please remember these are not my printies and are only for personal use thank you

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