Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I have lights, plus my swap

Hi All

Got my swap from Jazzi in Australia, love them so much, thank you my friend

Thanks Marisa, will look in to the lights, I have managed to put up lights around the ceiling, these are some battery lights I got at Christmas, quite pleased at the effect, have put some photos for you to see.

I have also started to make some tree, never made these before, see what you think.

seem to be on a roll today, as I also worked on the small shed, this will be in the outside scene, well I needed some where to store the body parts, tomorrow I hope to start work on the outside, see you all then

here are the lights so far

My attempt at trees
This is the shed

this is what I got from Jazzi in our Xmas swap, don't you just love them
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