Sunday, 22 April 2012

not a lot done

Hi All

Did not get a lot done yesterday, time seem to fly by, but real life did get in the way, I had to do the boring things like shopping, washing, you know the sort of thing, so will not bore you. I did make a lovely stew and dumplings for tea, usually that is winter food, but with the weather we are having it seemed the most suitable. Anyway lets talk about minis.

I still did not get my sink unit finished!! will I ever get on with it, I seem to keep getting distracted, this time it was a tiny child's pram that caught my eye, I forgot to take a before picture.
It was white with a dirty looking lace hood and a pink cover, did not like it so decided to change it.
I painted it pale pink, and redid the hood with a lovely white lace, I added some trim which had tiny white beads on it, a rose. I made a new mattress base in pink silk, added a pink trim, then made a cover in pretty pink and white flowers added lace and attached it to the pram.
I am not sure if it looks ok, what do you think? I am going to put it in the shop.

have a look

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