Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Another great day

Hi All

I know we are all moaning about the rain, but for me its been great, I have got so much done, cannot go out to wet, so I have been able to sit in my work room and just do my minis,

I have continued on the living quarters, I made some wood panelling to go on the side of the wall, near the sink, this is just to help break the area up, I have started to make the cooker, I must admit I had forgot that she would need a cooker and a fridge, I had to look at how I was going to do the lay out, I decided to have the cooking and eating area over one side and the rest as the living room.

I had some wasted space under the stairs, so I have made that into a little sewing area,
I added a small light to the wall, made a small display of shells and put them on the wall, it has made good use of that space.

I also made a shelving unit which has food and bits on it,

have took photos for you.

Not sure how much I will get done tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment and my dad is coming over, hope to get some done

I filled the drawers with books and sewing bits, and on the top made it look like work was going on

On the side wall is the shell collection

this is how it will look when the stairs are in place

this will be going on the kitchen side wall
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