Tuesday, 24 April 2012

busy again

Hi All
wow another 4 followers, thank you for looking at my blog, I hope you find it interesting, feel free to comment, I love comments.

I have been very busy, I just felt like really getting on with my project,
I have actually finished the sink unit!!! yes its finished, not sure now if I like it, I have started on the living quarters, the flat is going to have a small kitchen area and a living area and the attic will be the bedroom with an en suite bathroom. well that's my idea, just got to do it.

I made the curtains, very pleased how they have turned out, I also made a settee, recovered a chair, made a couple of throws and some cushions, carpeted the stairs and then loads of painting. if anyone reads this and does not do miniatures they are going to think I am fantastic, lets not tell them.

I papered the kitchen area in a pretty flowered patterned wall paper, I wanted the kitchen even though its in the same room I felt it needed the are defining, I am also going to put a white panelling to the side, I have now got to make a small cooker and some area as a work top.

so as you can see busy, oh well better get on, need to research cookers.

Have a look at the photos

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