Wednesday, 22 February 2012

welcome, loads done today,

Hi and welcome to Rosamarganta and dales-dreams, so nice to see you here.
I continue to feel better, thank you for your lovely messages, its so nice to know you care.

I am feeling quite pleased with myself today, I made the dog cage, the sink and a step,

to make the dog cage, I used balsa wood,  lollipop sticks and wire, I made a box shape and then attached the wire, I did forget to put in a door, so made a small one and then attached it to it, I then painted it black, I have not stuck the wire down on the top as I will want to put a dog in here.

to make the dog sink, I first drew a design on paper, I had a picture that I down loaded so I had an idea what it should look like, when I was happy with my design I cut it out from strong card, I used tape and glue to hold it together, then I added legs and a base, when it was dry I painted it in silver to make it look like stainless steel, I used a jewellery finding for the plug and attached some chain, I still need to make the hose and spray gun for washing. it is coming together well, still needs a bit of tidying up, that will be done tomorrow.

the step was just 2 blocks of wood glued together, painted and I added a small bit of carpet to the steps.

dog cage

dog bath


that's all for today, see you all tomorrow
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