Tuesday, 21 February 2012

a little update

Morning all,
well drugs are kicking in and I am feeling much better, thank you so much for your kind messages, its lovely to know you care.went to have my bloods checked and they are maintaining their levels, buy I am back to 2 weekly checks. On a good point my heart tests came back all right, so one less worry.

Well I did manage to get some work done yesterday, will not bore you with photos as it was my favourite bit, painting and waiting for it to dry.

I spent a lot of time on my computer researching Doggy parlours, looking for ideas on how to make the equipment, some of it will be a challenge, I also found some great patterns, got an idea on where they will be used.
I put in search, dog paws, I got pages I never knew there was so many different pictures of dog paws, sad what we look at.

Got a bit of normal life this morning, housework and washing, boring, but then its into my workroom and enter my min world, hope to see you there
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