Saturday, 18 February 2012

got a bit of painting done, had a great find

Thank you again for your kind messages, today I am feeling much better, just need to get over this breathlessness, still it will go just got to be patient.

I have managed to get some work done, I have dismantled the dolls house, took off the windows, doors ect, started to paint them, and also started to paint the adapted furniture, I have decided to go for the shabby chic look, the first floor will be the shop, selling up market dog clothes, beds leads, collars ect, plus animal food and books, I found on eBay some food packets, so I am now waiting for them,

I had a great find, I popped up to the library to change my books and while i was there i looked in the second hand shop, I found a key ring in the shape of a pet carrier, just had to get it.
as usual my dogs had to get in on the photos, my puppy Muppet, is now over 7mths old, she has got a bit taller, but not much bigger, so I definitely think I have a teacup dog, do not care I love her to bits

anyway here is some pictures

don't you love this

see how tiny Muppet is against Freebie
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