Friday, 27 January 2012

I am dreaming doggy beds

Its taking over my life, last night I even had a dream about doggy beds, so today I made 2 more and decided for now that will be the lot,

I made the blue and gold bed by using Aida material, forming it into the shape I wanted, painted it gold,  using some lovely blue material I made a cushion,  added a little gold embellishment to the front. nice and comfy.

The other one, I cut out the shape in mount board, stuck it all together, covered it with some sticky back carpet that I had, made a tartan cushion, added some braid to decorate,
both were easy to make,

I have been looking for a suitable shop to display the doggy items, I do not really want to buy one, In my shed I came across an old and battered room box, that's it I shouted, needs a bit of work, like a top, a front a window and a door, I am sure i will be able to do something with it.

my easy doggy beds

this is what I hope to turn into a shop!!!

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