Tuesday, 24 January 2012

still addicted

another follower, Hi and welcome, nice to see you here.

I am still addicted, today I made collars and leads, so easy,
To make the leads I cut a thin piece of leather, one end I folded over to form the handle, the other end I attached a small metal ring, I also used some jewellery chains, again cut to lengthy, made a handle, they both looked effective.
The collars, I cut a small piece of leather to size, decorated it with tiny stick ons, I used nail art stickers, folded one end for the buckle, attached a small jump ring, some I stuck into a circle, others I left open.
I am enjoying this project so much, have not started yet to build the shop, I like to have all  my objects ready so that when the shop is built I can begin to put everything in without waiting.

I did sit and draw some designs for doggy beds and I will be staring these tomorrow.

Hope you are all enjoying this project.
see you all tomorrow. see pictures

closer look

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