Saturday, 8 October 2011

fencing nearly done

once the paint finally dried, I could carry on constructing the fencing, once I put the fence together, I then decided to make it stand in a long flower box, so armed with my balsa wood, I set about making it, then it was back to painting and waiting for it to dry,
I thought what I could do was to fill the the flower box with soil and flowers, I think that will look good, so that's the next stage,
how is it that every time I start something I have an idea in my head but as I go along I add more and more I never seem to finish a project as I can always think of more to add.

Laugh of the week I spend a long time cutting out and making the decorations to the top of the roof, even put a picture for you all to see, then not once but twice it was pointed out to me that a pyramid has 4 sides not 3, oh buggar, will have to make them again,

Well I had better let you see the photos so you can see my progress,

this will be filled with flowers

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