Sunday, 9 October 2011

there's been a mishap

Could not believe it, went into my work room this morning to finish off my fencing and found the puppy had decided to rearrange them, and for good measure she gave the rails a nice design bite marks, sorry to tell her but did not like the design so it was back to the drawing board, I checked out my wood stash and found some bamboo place mats, so I have cut them t the size I wanted and now I am back to watching the paint dry,

I have corrected my mistake with the pyramids, they are now 4 sided, not quite as big as the other ones but I still think they look good.

while I was at it I checked out the lighting and they work, I did not check them before I put them in, I usually do, but forgot this time, but it ended well, I have put on a picture for you to see, they do not really show the lights very well so I will take a picture when its dark and hopefully they will show up better.

On the home front my TV unit is being fitted  today, this matches my shelving unit, only the fire surround to do now, but have not told him yet, maybe I had better cook a nice meal then ask,

I sat here this morning in my work room and  I was looking at my Victorian house and I am going to redo the rooms, its all because I got this lovely cooker from Ebay, and that meant I need to change my kitchen layout to fit it, and as you know one thing leads to another, I have the feeling sometimes I will never get my house done
I had better show you the photos before I get carried away with something else.

as you can see lights do not show up very well,

I have put the name above both windows and another sign saying
open by appointment only

proper pyramids and I have added a few more plants to the garden
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