Saturday, 30 July 2011

Nearly done, finished the sitting room, I decided this would be mothers best room and it is
only used on high days or when the vicar comes for tea, I did notice that she had left her knitting on the seat, they have a telly but it no longer broadcasts as this was turned off during the war, you never knew who could be listening, so they had the radio to keep in touch which what was happening.

I then moved on to the bedroom, this was a bit difficult as I did not have a lot of room, so it had to be fairly simple and not too much furniture, I hope I  have been able to portray the era, see what you think,

need to connect all the lights, attach the roof and front, then I can start to make the Anderson shelter and veggie garden,

I could not let you go without showing you the desk I got off eBay this week, this is for my Victorian house, I love it, I have also won some little ornaments will show you when they arrive.

look at my work room now, the shelves had made all the difference, and no I have not filled the spaces yet, give me time.

anyway enough of the natter lets get onto the photos

can you see the box of dominoes by the telly, they even have dominoes inside

I made the plant from florists tape and wire

see how small the bedroom is?

I hung a jacket and waistcoat on the door

my great desk

new shelving, can you see how organised I am

I made this earlier this week, I repainted the settee and made new covers with contrasting cushions

Well that's it for now, going for a bath now, trying to ease my joints they have been very sore this week, I am so glad I found miniatures as they are a great distraction, have a good weekend

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