Friday, 29 July 2011

I now have people and they are dressed, I purchased from my local shop a little old lady, stripped her and redressed her with petticoat, dress and apron, then decided to add the head scarf, how easy I thought that would be, Wrong, I tried gluing, them more gluing, no good, then gave her a haircut, as I decided her bun was causing the problem, Wrong again, so back to more gluing, still no good, in the end I sewed it into place, shaping it as I went, finally I was satisfied. For the old man I used a doll I had dressed before in my shed project, I have posed them in the house, I like the fact that they are posable so I can move them about the house.

I have started on the bedroom, no pictures yet, I have laid the floor and varnished it, so it is now drying, hope to do a bit more tomorrow.

Had more shelves put up in my workroom, so now I have some more space, but the comment made after they were up was " you will soon fill them " as if!!!

Looking forward to the weekend its supposed to be hot, about time we had some summer.

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