Monday, 25 July 2011

going so good

First I must say Hi and welcome to Marie, hope you will enjoy my blog.

Had such a great weekend, ever have one of those days where everything you touch goes so well, I did and it lasted 2 days!!!

I added door knobs and letter box to the front door, even was able to fit a key in the inside lock.
I started with the windows, I used clear plastic and drew black criss cross lines on them, and then attached them to the windows, Then using some black material I made this into blinds using a cocktail stick cut to size and again attached these to the windows.

I then turned to the curtains, as I am redoing the house I used the old curtains, I pleated them using my pleater and used a kebab stick cut to size, I had already made and painted the pelmets, so these went onto the windows.

I re varnished the quarry floor, I was then ready to replace the furniture, I made a new dresser and filled this with all the bits I had, made a clothes horse for the wet washing to dry in front of the heater, just generally tidied up.

I then placed all the furniture in place, this I did take a while over, I was constantly changing my mind where to put stuff, eventually I was satisfied, hope you all like the kitchen.

I then turned to the living room, I made a fender out of a bit of metal I had in my stash, this looked quite right, attached it to the fire place, added some ornaments.

tomorrow will show you the rest of the room, I hope that it all goes as well as it has  been doing,  anyway here are the photos, let me know what you think.

showing windows and door furniture

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