Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Its hot and sunny

Morning all

Hello and welcome my new followers, I am always surprised when I see you all and know that you look at what I do, I thank you for your interest.

its so lovely today, the sun is shining and its getting warmer all the time, mind you they have said we will have rain later, that will save me watering my veggies.

So what have I been doing, 40's house nearly done, got to attach the front, tidy up the exterior and connect all the lighting, I can then get on with the next project, I am torn between making the garden and Anderson shelter or the conservatory for my big house, decisions no doubt I will get on with something.

I have been busy making some more bits for eBay, I must get on and make myself another page for selling, but I always seem to be doing something else, I get asked if I get bored not having a job, NO I get up when I like, I do what i want and have time to spend doing my miniatures where is the boredom in that?

I am so excited I am getting a new puppy, a cross between a Yorkie and a miniature toy poodle, they are due to be born in 2 weeks, I will get fist pick,  I may have to start another blog about my new puppy, I got to see about freebie, as she is a girl I have got to get her done!!! as I want to have a boy this time and it would be hell when Freebie is in season, that will cost me I'm sure, visiting vets this week for her inoculation's so will discuss it then.

I was pleased this week I now only have to have my bloods taking every 3 weeks instead of weekly, they say they have got my blood clotting under control, I have to have another echo scan in 2 weeks, not looking forward to that I am scared as that's where I stopped breathing last time, but My fella is coming with me and I am sure they will know what they are doing, well i hope so. My joints have been very sore so at times it has been difficult, but I carry on no good moaning there are others worse off than me. see rambling again, I did warn you.
anyway lets get on with the photos.

bathroom shelving,

I distressed this and then added new covers and bows, the picture does not really show its colours at its best

back, added bows here to

kitchen dresser, i made the food, the cake stand is 2 plates connected with a small metal tube,the vase is a bead, from out of the drawers I put a small bit of checked material to represent a tea towel, the other holds napkins, which is just small bits of white material rolled and I added a trim to represent the napkin ring, other bits are from my stash.

Thats all for today

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