Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hi All

well I seem to be flying with this project, solved the problem with the sticky paint, I put them in the fridge, it worked.

I have started to make the floor, I am using filler, I put it all over the floor and before it dried I maked it as if it is stone slabs, today i am hoping to paint it.

I have to now find labels for the bits I am making, have to stop calling them bits and find out the correct name for the equipment, but I am not a mechanic, 
I was thinking, if anyone looked at my history on my puter, they would think I am very strange, it reads, labels, petrol,oil and tools. good job we have a delete button.

anyway a few photos

don't you think it looks better painted red.

petrol cans, and a thingy

base covered

bowl filled with oil

beginning to take shape
making sure it looks ok

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