Wednesday, 23 July 2014

making progress

Hi all

thank you for your lovely comments, so nice to know I was missed xx

its been so hot here, makes a change to have all this sun, so we are making the most of it.

I have been to my first pulmonary rehab, yes in this heat I did an hour of gentle exercises, it seems like its going to useful and fun, mind you twice a week   for that and other appointments I am pushing it to find time for minis.

I sprayed the helmet black and then decided that  I needed more room inside and also it would be hard for anyone to look inside without breaking their backs, I needed to raise the helmet up.

So on with my thinking hat, I decided raise it using blocks of wood and bendy wood panelling, thank god for no more nails!! using that and tape, I left it for 24hrs and it worked, now i need to build on it, I need to have a small platform for the helmet to stand on.

I continued on with painting the bits I made, to make the mechanics cabinet, I made a cupboard and then I took the legs of a chest of chairs and this will go on the top. I am not sure now it is painted, I think it may be painted again but this time shinny red, that seems to be the colour of them, plus when I placed it in the helmet the colour of it did not make it stand out. will think about it, yes thought and yes i am going to repaint it, anyway its supposed to look like metal, why do we never make life easy for ourselves.

I am so glad I have my mojo back

couple of photos for you

the stand in progress for the helmet

mechanics cupboard

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