Wednesday, 23 July 2014



I am so shocked looking at my blogs list that I read I came across one from

ELTAL LERDE BELEN  so I had a look it is PORN, some bloke saying this is his wife and welcomes comments there are some I would like to give !!
How do I remove the blog



Ruth said...

Yikes, so sorry that happened! Click on my dashboard. Click on the blogger button so your blogger "feed" (posts from the blogs you are following) comes up. Parallel to "All blogs" on the right side of your screen there should be a black gear symbol. Click on it. This should bring up a page that says "Manage the blogs I'm following. Next to the name of each blog there will be a link that says settings. Click on it. That will bring up a window that contains a little box saying "Stop following this blog". Click on that. It will bring up a little box saying "Are you sure you want to stop following?" Click on "Stop Following." You're done! Let me know if this works, it should, but I have more advice for you if it doesn't.

Kez said...

I had the same problem,go into design then layout and from there you should be able to remove it from your list

Pepper Mitcheson said...

Hi Debbie. I've had this before when a porn blog took over the URL of a past miniature blog. You need to click on the 'Join this site' button of the offending blog, click options and then click stop following. This link to blogger help shows you how if you get stuck