Monday, 4 February 2013

Its Monday and how I spent £100.00 in less than an hour

Hi All
I am amazed more followers are adding their names to the list, thank you for joining my band  of followers, hope you enjoy what you read and see, feel free to leave a comment, thank you.

Now down to business, I took the weekend off from working on my minis, I had a visit from my son, he lives in Edinburgh, and I had not seen him since Christmas, miss him a lot but I really treasure the times I get to spend with him,

 then needed to do some house work, I know its a dirty word but it had to be done, I could no longer see my telly the dust was so bad, so with this plan in mind, I gathered my cleaning bits and set about cleaning,  my doggies were playing tug with a squeaky toy, suddenly I heard my new puppy Mollie, making horrible chocking noises, so I first tried to make her sick, no good, so I massaged her throat and this seemed to work, I then gave her some milk and a small treat to make sure she could swallow, she seemed ok so I carried on cleaning, a few minutes later she started to make coughing sounds, so I rang my vet, he said to bring her up,had to take a taxi, £5.90, the vet examined her and she had a red throat, so he gave her a steroid injection to settle it down and help her, I left having then paid £92.00 with instructions to contact him if she had any more problems, So that how I spent the money.
But let that be a warning about squeaky toys, I have now thrown them out, Mollie is fine this morning and does not seem to have any effects from yesterday, 
Yes I did end up getting my house work done.

Back to minis, I am having a lot of fun with my Fifty shades of grey item, I showed my son what I had done so far, his reaction was "mum!!  do you have to, some times I wonder what goes on in your head!!"
I have a bit more to do and hopefully will reveal tomorrow,

I have an appointment to see my consultant today, I get my results of my scan and hopefully I will find out what is causing my breathlessness and I hope that she will agree that I can have my torn ligaments to my right shoulder repaired.

Anyway I digress I am off to find you any Give a ways for you to enter, let me know if you win any of them, see you soon
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