Monday, 26 August 2013

How does this happen?

Hi all

yes how does this happen? yesterday I went into my work room and wanted a small piece of card!! started to look and I ended up sorting out boxes, rearranging, dumping and tidying my work room, it took me 2 hours, and I only wanted a bit of card!! it must of been catching as my son decided to clear out his room as well, now this only happens once in a blue moon and what usually happens he just moves stuff about and calls it done, not this time, clothes were thrown out, rubbish was got rid of and he even returned crockery to be washed up. it now looks like a bedroom and the floor is cleared, forgot what colour his carpet was, lets hope this is a sign of things to come.

My son rang Friday night and the conversation started off " mum I need to find some boxes shabby chic style to wrap the ties and hankies in for the wedding gifts, I am looking for old cigar boxes, do you know where I can find them? " like a fool I said I have some like that in my photo album, now you know what is going to happen next, " wow do you think you could print them for me?" yes I replied, " lovely he said I need 7, I will be back on Friday and will bring the ties round, do you think you could wrap them for me and label them with old tags?
Still not sure how it all happened, but I now have to make 7 cigar boxes and wrap them,
see what I mean about how does that happen?

I spent some of the weekend taking and sorting picture's of my recent work, I was getting them ready to go on ebay, they usually have free listing on bank holidays, but sod's law, no free listing this weekend, never mind I now have everything sorted and ready to go.

I finished my minis and carried on with making my shoes, they are very fiddly and time consuming. Today I hope to start on the shop itself, I thought I had better do that before I get carried away with making items to go in it, I usually end up with so much stuff and it will not all fit in the shop, so I will be making a plan of what I want inside it and how things will be laid out. well that's the plan, just hope I do not get distracted and end up doing something different.

have a look at the finished minis

the drawers are filled with personal papers



elbey said...

Hi Debbie. it IS Free Listing this weekend, including today, so hurry.

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Debbie! Such a familiar mini woe. Looking for something that you can't find and then doing a big production number of cleaning against your will! Been there over and over. Your shelves look wonderful and the colors and arrangements on them are perfect! Well done!


Anna said...

Hi Debbie =) It's great that I get to use some of your pictures for my mini magazine =) Just tell me what pictures I may use. I will show you the result later. =) Have a good time! hugs / Anna