Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Shoes and more shoes, I am getting addicted

Hi All

yes I missed the free listing, I did not notice it till late Monday evening, bummer, never mind gave me a chance to sort it all out.
When sorting out my workroom I found stuff that I am not using so will be putting them on as well and then my son came through with some bits for me to put on, so maybe it was a good thing I missed the free listing as my list has got very big.

I seem to be developing an addiction to shoes, I mean the mini ones, although you had better not look in my wardrobe!! anyway I have been busy adding my touch to the mini shoes, I have some in metal and plastic, it is very fiddly to paint them, you can only do a little bit then you have to wait for them to dry, good job I am a patient person and enjoy challenges.

Have a look

I have my appointment tomorrow with the pre op nurse, yes I have a date for my arm op, 9th September, just hope nothing goes wrong this time, I will be having it done with nerve blocks, it was considered that it was to dangerous for me to have a general aesthetic, 
The hospital was good I had told them I would not have anything done until after the wedding, I got the call from the secretary on Friday, so she could arrange the date.
I am getting really excited now, Thursday I have my spray tan, the main reason for this is due to my circulation problem my legs are a lovely mottled blue and brown, not a nice look so I am hoping the spray tan will disguise this.
Well I am off, making shoe boxes now, is there a help line for my addiction?  


shaairah said...

Those are stunning!

shaairah said...

And good luck with the op!

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Debbie! Your shoe collection really looks Great! You have some really Stylin' foot-ware and I think that you will have many mini customers lined up outside your store to grab em'! Cha-ching! Having shoe boxes for each pair will really make them fly! :D


PILAR6373 said...

Que cantidad de zapatos preciosos has hecho,son geniales,muy buen trabajo,pronto tendrás montada una zapaterñia!!!!

Isabelle said...

You have a very impressive mini shoe collection! The details you are adding look wonderful.
I hope you have fun at the wedding and all the best with all the pre op stuff.

Fabiola said...

The shoes are fantastic. I like this collection.
Good luck with the op.
Bye, Faby

elbey said...

You have SUCH patience Debbie! I've used some Barbie shoes in my scenes, they don't seem to be too big. Have stuck glitter etc to bling them up a bit, they are cheapish to buy, usually in lots on Ebay..... or buy dolls at car boots just for the shoes!

PAKY said...

It's a beautiful and elegant shoes collection! Hugs

Liduina said...

Amazing collection of miniature shoes :D