Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Shoes and more shoes, I am getting addicted

Hi All

yes I missed the free listing, I did not notice it till late Monday evening, bummer, never mind gave me a chance to sort it all out.
When sorting out my workroom I found stuff that I am not using so will be putting them on as well and then my son came through with some bits for me to put on, so maybe it was a good thing I missed the free listing as my list has got very big.

I seem to be developing an addiction to shoes, I mean the mini ones, although you had better not look in my wardrobe!! anyway I have been busy adding my touch to the mini shoes, I have some in metal and plastic, it is very fiddly to paint them, you can only do a little bit then you have to wait for them to dry, good job I am a patient person and enjoy challenges.

Have a look

I have my appointment tomorrow with the pre op nurse, yes I have a date for my arm op, 9th September, just hope nothing goes wrong this time, I will be having it done with nerve blocks, it was considered that it was to dangerous for me to have a general aesthetic, 
The hospital was good I had told them I would not have anything done until after the wedding, I got the call from the secretary on Friday, so she could arrange the date.
I am getting really excited now, Thursday I have my spray tan, the main reason for this is due to my circulation problem my legs are a lovely mottled blue and brown, not a nice look so I am hoping the spray tan will disguise this.
Well I am off, making shoe boxes now, is there a help line for my addiction?  
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