Thursday, 29 August 2013

I've been poked and prodded

Hi All

Visited the hospital yesterday for my pre op, I was poked and prodded, I had my bloods done. 4 x-rays. ECG and my lungs tested and I am happy to say I passed with flying colours, so it looks like the op is on, date for this is the 9th, I was told I will be staying in overnight and they will have a high dependency bed available if I need it, but as I am having nerve blocks the chances of needing this is small. I will not be bale to use my arm for 3 weeks and then it physio. So it finally looks like it will happen.

A bit of news about my sister in law, she is now going to have a course of chemotherapy, they have given her a 25-30% chance of this working, thank you for all your prayers, we are continuing to pray and to hope this will work, sometimes in life you need a miracle and this is one of those times.

Did not do anything yesterday in my mini world, I was at the hospital for over 3 hours, we then went out for lunch, so by the time I came back it was a bit late to start anything. I was so proud of myself though, I have got myself a new food processor and I baked a cake, now those that know me, know cakes are not something I do as they tend to come out like pancakes, but not this one, It was lovely, it was so big it only just fitted in the cake tin, the family loved it. I keep joking and saying watch out  next year I may end up in the Great British bake off.

Well of for a shower, it spray tan day,
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