Friday, 23 August 2013


Morning all

I have the dress, the hat, the shoes, just need the bag, wedding next week, getting excited, will be so proud when I see my son get married, hope I do not cry.

I have not been doing much in the way of minis, hence the lack of posts, we have been sorting out the garden, mainly the vegetable plot, my son has extended it a bit so we can grow a bit more veg, he is busy making raised beds, we will then fill them with soli and compost, the soil here is terrible, so we hope this way will help us to produce better veg.

Well that's real life taken care of  now lets get on to minis.

I have a room box that I have been looking at for ages wondering what to do with it, I had one idea of making it into a shop that sells all things horsey, but I wanted a bigger shop for that, I was on ebay looking at all things crafty and found some shoe charms, so I sent for a few to see what I could do with them, I loved them so I have started painting them, can you guess where this is going, yes I have decided to do a shoe shop, It will include some hats, bags and jewellery, so maybe it will be a ladies accessories shop, I have been busy making shoe boxes and in-between painting the shoes, they take a long while and are very fiddly, you paint a bit and then wait hours for it to dry,

I have also started another Kopy Kat, its a desk, did not have the exact one so had to bash a dresser about, I have been making a few kitchen shelves, they are not finished yet, but thought I would show you progress so far.

still need to add handles and a few more bits

the kitchen units and chest

start of my shoe collection
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