Saturday, 13 July 2013

its finished

Hi All

Yes its finished, what am I talking about? my son's wedding present, I am very pleased with it, I have made all of this, including the cakes, not having a photograph of the dress or the flowers I have had to go on what I have been able to find out by questioning, I hope I have got it right, I knew the colours that they are having, so in the end I had to let my imagination take over. Now to wait for the wedding.

Started on some other projects, I have collected pictures of some real life items that I like and I will be attempting to recreate them in mini.

It is very hot here so not able to be in my work room for long periods, they say we could be up to 30 today, and it will continue into next week, about time we had a summer, well off to create.

have a look at the finished project.

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