Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Its been so hot

Hi All

It is lovely and hot here so have been spending time in the garden instead of working on minis, I have sat and sorted out all my dolls house magazines, I out projects into files and cut out things I like, so organised, my files are even labelled, clothing, children ect, it makes life easier when I am looking for something. Wondering does anyone else do this ?

I have been catching up on all your blogs, they make great reading and I am in awe of some of the miniatures you lot out there create.

My diet, well I stocked up on very healthy food, I am eating lots of couscous and salad stuff, no sweets, they are my downfall, I have already lost 5lb so chuffed with myself.
Had my regular blood test and they are not to good, apparently dieting and loosing weight can have an effect, so I have to watch I do not eat to much green foods or lose weight quickly, wish they gave you all this information when I first started on warfarin, never mind will  be careful and now have got to have bloods done every 2 weeks till they become stable again. I have also started very gently exercising, and have got myself a book on yoga, still reading that.

Well off to do a bit of housework, even this is organised, I was getting depressed about my little bungalow and being a very tidy person it would upset me to see my house untidy, so I came up with a plan, now I do one room a day, and feel much better, and let you into a secret I even have it written down, its stuck on the inside of my cleaning cupboard.
It has taken me nearly 7 years to work out how to live with my condition not bad going!!

enough of the chattering must get off or my plan will be broken.

see you all soon

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