Sunday, 14 July 2013

Thank you

Hi All

thank you very much for your lovely comment's about my latest creation, just got to wait now for the wedding, got to get my outfit, but am on a diet so am waiting a couple ore weeks, just want to lose a few pounds. But hard for me as I carry a lot of fluid.

On a very exciting note, I have been looking for an old printer's drawer to display my mini collection, and I got one, need to clean it up a bit, will not be painted, just polished to bring out the wood, then I will have to find a home for it.

every year I turn part of my garden into a wild garden for the insects, little creatures and birds, and I am always amazed at the colours of flowers that come through, most of these are weeds and usually we would rip them up and throw them away, but when we leave it to nature, she shows us what a fantastic array of "flowers" she can produce, have a look

my printers drawer

my bit of wild
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