Friday, 12 July 2013

Been busy

Hi All

yes I have been busy, in-between working in my garden, I have been getting on with my wedding present to my son and his nearly there wife, I have started to put mini items into the shadow box, when I was with them last week, Amy showed me her shoes for the wedding, these are beautiful, they are in sliver with sparkles all over them, so I had a pair of red metal shoes, I rubbed the metal down, repainted them silver and while the silver was wet I dipped them into silver eye shadow, the effect is very good, I have taken a picture for you, but it is a bit blurry, tried many times to get a good picture but I could not, hopefully when they are in place in the shadow box they may come out better.

I got from ebay a few weeks ago a printers drawer, this was a fairly new one so I have repainted it, I used blue and white, I have another one coming, this one is an old one so will not be painting it, I intend to use them for my collection of mini items including my Reutter minis, I have been looking for ages for something to display them in, and wanted a printers drawer and I have finally got 2.

I have also been enjoying this hot weather we have been having and working on the garden, well what that really means I have been sitting outside thinking about working on it while my son does the work, They say this hot spell will continue for a while, at last we are having a summer.

well better let you see the photo of my progress so far  

I have used photo's of them, including one of their gradation

this side holds the veil.

showing the flowers, these are the nearest I could get to the colours Amy is having for her bouquet

not a great picture sorry



where I sit in the sun



Steinworks said...

those shoes are so cute, congrats on the future wedding :)


PAKY said...

Hi!! I think it will be a beautiful roombox, I saw your wedding roombox and is very beautiful! Hugs