Friday, 15 March 2013

sneaked into my workroom

Hi All

I managed to creep into my work room for a little while, waiting for the washing to finish,

I am on to the bits I really enjoy  this stage of my creations, I find the ideas come thick and fast, I first finished off the counter, some time ago I blagged some Formica from a company, I was honest and told them what I did, and they kindly sent me some, so I used the red, its was hard to cut, but managed it, I added some wooden trim and legs, I painted the front bit silver, with the black legs it looks quite good.

I then went on to make the sound booth for trying out the instruments, most of the wooden bits I needed I had already cut and painted, so I just needed to put it together, I painted some kebab sticks so that I could make that thing ( don't know what you call it ) they have on the wall for hanging guitars on. I put the drum set together, I had to make some drum sticks, I cut kebab sticks, ( I love them, so useful) and very gently sanded them into shape, did not paint them, just put some varnish on them.

I put up some shelving, pictures and could not resist adding the records, the shop will not be selling many records just the odd few, and popped some instruments, enough of this babbling better show you what I have been up to.

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