Monday, 11 March 2013

Its Monday

Hi All
What crazy weather we have, last week I had the door open, the sun was shinning and my son and I planted some shrubs, towards the end of the week it got cold and this morning I wake up and we have snow!!! but the sun is shinning.

I continued to paint my shop front, it now has 2 coats of green, hoping today to put the other colour on, thinking red will see.

It was free listing on eBay this weekend, so I got very ruthless and sorted out my stash, anything I knew I would not use, I had 2 boxes, one to keep, one to flog, I had to stop myself as I kept looking at what was in my flog it box and taking it out. Finally got it sorted, then it was taking the photos and then the process of putting them on eBay, I was at it all weekend.
I only list now on free listing days, eBay has got expensive, and when you add in postage costs, it does make you wonder if it is worth it.
When I checked this morning I already have 5 bids on items so maybe it will be worth it.

So I had better get myself in gear and climb aboard the web train and see what give a ways I can find you. let me know if you win any of the ones I find you,

Whoosh-------------------------------that's me off
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